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Hot Rod Pin Up Clothing Hot Rod Pin Up Clothing


On the gal’s side of the house, the ASHEM Clothing line is here!

Keep an eye open for more new ASHEM items!

Established in 2008, Kustom Kulture Clothing Co. is a Christian owned company that is aimed at a group of people distinct by their styles in autos, music, and fashion. We hope that thru our website and items, others may see that those of us that do believe in Biblical principles aren't always clean shaven or always wearin' a suit and tie. Instead we love spending time under hoods and at car shows. We hope to reach and inspire others thru positive messages both thru our site and thru our products. We may look like your everyday greasers and be guilty like the rest, but know that we are FORGIVEN!

This brings us to our ASHEM Clothing line. ASHEM, pronounced (aw-shame’), is Hebrew for “guilty” or “one who is guilty”. We wear it and offer it to our customers for two reasons. 1.) To honor the One that went to the cross for the guilt of the world. 2.) To show our very own acceptance that we (on a personal level) will remain sinful but understand that through the grace of God, we are forgiven.

We offer kustom kulture, vintage, pin up, low brow, rockabilly, and tattoo inspired threads at affordable prices. We are a mom and pop shop who believe in the values of a bygone era. Christian principles, product value, and customer service is and always will be our top priority.

Justin W. - Kustom Kulture Clothing Co.
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